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An Innovative New Strategy for Making Power Tool Retailing More Profitable.
Until now, non-big-box retailers and distributors realistically had two options for selling power tools:
1. Sell national brand power tools against national chain big-box home improvement center retailers at little profit and highly uncompetitive retails.
2. Sell low quality, cheap, no-name import tools that affect the quality image your business depends on.
Opportunities multiply as they are seized
SunZi, the great 5th century B.C. Chinese strategist, wisely instructs "Avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak."
SunZi Products Inc. offers "The 3rd Way" business strategy that incorporates time-tested approaches that effectively address the challenges retailers and distributors face in today's mega-retailing environment.
Better Strategy.Better Price.Better Quality.
SunZi Products Inc. is a sales and marketing alliance of Chinese power tool manufacturers that sell directly to USA retailers and distributors, thereby eliminating the additional markup of middlemen, trading companies and importers.
SunZi enables retailers and distributors to sell National Brand Quality Tools at improved margins and highly competitive retail prices.
SunZi Quality is National Brand Quality.
SunZi factories currently OEM manufacture for many of the most-recognized power tool brands in the
world today.
SunZi improves retailer and
distributor profitability by servicing
directly from a centrally located
Chicago Distribution Center or
with Low-Cost Factory Direct